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How to Stop Sugar Cravings


Many people from countries all over the world are addicted to sugar without realizing it. For many, sweet treats have become comfort food. Some people claim they have been genetically predisposed to crave sugar. The bottom line is that sugary foods are extremely detrimental to your health. And so are uncontrolled sugar cravings.

Giving up Sugar May be Difficult

There is absolutely no doubt that limiting or giving up sugar intake will benefit your health. Sugar provides no nutrients but causes problems to your health. The only perceived gains are taste and satisfying a compulsive urge.

However, if your body is conditioned to high sugar intake, you can expect to go through a withdrawal period, and the symptoms can be painful and frustrating. This period can last from a couple of days to two weeks. You may experience headaches, agitation, and mood swings.

The result will be worth it, for your health’s sake, but it will require effort, especially in the beginning. If you are serious about stopping your sugar addiction, the following advice will prove useful.

Stop Sugar Cravings

1. Look for a Substitute

You may want to try some natural, herbal teas to satisfy your cravings. Unsweetened beverages are a great option to fill you up and rehydrate. Some satisfying choices include green tea, blueberry tea, or peppermint tea. Dried fruits, almonds, raisins, or some trail mix can be another healthy snack option.

However, go easy on the dried fruits as they can be quite high in sugar content by weight and volume compared to the naturally hydrated version. It will take some active willpower; however, soon, you will make better choices when the sweet cravings take over.

2. Make Sweets Less Accessible

Don’t sabotage yourself. Stopping your sugar cravings will be difficult if your cupboards, fridge, and counters are laden with high sugar snacks, candies, or chocolates. If you are at work, ensure no sweet treats lying around your workstation. Keep some sugar-free gum at your desk and in your car for a quick fix. Get the flavor without the sugar and the associated calories.

When you go shopping, avoid going down the junk food aisles. Read the labels on “health food bars.” These are often sugar bombs in disguise. Instead, keep your kitchen filled with fresh fruits and other healthy snacks, which you can easily grab whenever you crave something sweet.

3. Brush Your Teeth Right Away

Make a habit of brushing your teeth very soon after eating your meals. Some people often crave something sweet after they have finished their meals because they do not like the yucky aftertaste left in their mouths. If, however, you make an effort to brush your teeth right away after eating, the minty taste of toothpaste will help stomp out the urge to consume something sweet.

4. Wait For Ten Minutes

Nutrition experts advise that sugar cravings may only last up to ten minutes. So, the next time you feel the urge to look for something sweet, wait for ten minutes first and allow the craving to subside. This habit will make it easier for you to attain self-discipline and better control your sweet cravings. Find something productive or creative to do while you wait, so you are not focused on your cravings.

Why You Should Control Your Sugar Cravings

If you need the incentive to convince you to overcome your addiction to sugar, here are some valid reasons why you should call it quits:

➡️ Sugar is not healthy in any way.

Besides having zero nutritional value, it is something that will only deprive you of the nutrients needed by your mind and body to function well. What’s more, when sugar is processed inside your body, it will strip away Calcium and other mineral resources while depleting your healthy intestinal flora.

➡️ Sugar makes you anxious.

Eating more foods that contain sugar can make you more vulnerable to the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Consuming these sugary foods will increase your insulin production, and the sugar/slump cycle can elevate adrenalin levels.

➡️ Sugar destroys your pancreas.

Studies reveal that sugar will compromise the ability of your pancreas to function well well. When this occurs, you can become susceptible to kidney problems, diabetes, and heart problems.

➡️ Sugar ruins your teeth.

The more you eat foods that contain sugar, the more you increase bacteria build-up inside your mouth, which will contribute to enamel erosion.

Although sweet foods are often used as rewards, bear in mind that this will never reward your health. If you want to live a longer and healthier life, banish sugar cravings. After all, suffering an amputation due to diabetic complications is not such a sweet thought.

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