Kick Food Cravings to the Curb: Introduction to Emotional Eating?

Emotional Eating

Are You Prone to Emotional Eating?

What is emotional eatingIs emotional eating a problem for you? If you’re struggling to either lose weight or keep the weight off that you already lost, then at this point you may wonder if emotional eating may be factoring in to your progress.

Many people reach for their favorite comfort foods, especially the unhealthy kind, when they aren’t truly hungry but in need of “a little something.” Mostly, they eat to satisfy cravings. Could this be your emotions making you think you need food when you really don’t?

Emotional eating is definitely something that many people, not just those who are actively seeking to lose weight, struggle with. And if it’s a problem for you, then you probably want to know how to move past the self defeating habit of eating unhealthy foods when emotional, stressed, challenged, etc., so you can continue on to a greater level of success with your weight loss goals.

If you tend to be most vulnerable to food cravings when you’re emotional, it may prove helpful to consider why it’s happening. Only then will you be able to eliminate emotional eating from your list of habits that are hurting, not helping, your journey to weight loss and improved health.


What’s Then Emotional Eating?

Are you someone who is perpetually on a diet, yet you have trouble sticking to your healthy eating plan when all is said and done?

Do you go through really strong periods where it’s almost effortless to keep your cravings under control and stick to healthy and nourishing food choices?

And do you also seem to fall off the wagon as soon as something messes with your emotional well being?

You don’t have to be “emotional” to emotionally eat, or at least what you consider “emotional” may not apply here. Any type of challenging event, stressful situation, relationship difficulty, or life dilemma that throws you off temporarily could result in cravings that are a natural reaction to how your mind and nervous system interpret stress. And that does have to do with your emotions, even though you may not actively be “emoting” as you would tend to think of it.

So, we could also name this challenge “stress related cravings,” but stress and emotions really do go hand in hand. So for today we will use the common definition, which is emotional eating.

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