Kick The Sugar Habit, Break The Cycle Of Emotional Eating

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Is emotional eating a problem for you? A challenge that you likely face as someone who is trying to lose weight could be saying no to sugar and carb cravings. One reason why this becomes a hopeless repeat cycle is that the more we give in to our sugar cravings, the more we want sugar.

Why Does Sugar Lead to Sugar Addiction?

Processed sugar is a highly addictive substance. In fact, any sweet product, even if the sugar is fructose which originates from fruit, is likely to contribute to sugar addiction. The reason is there is no fiber. When we ingest foods that contain sugar, our body process without the presence of fiber. Consequently, the substance goes straight into our bloodstream and begins to affect our brain activity.

Cycle of Emotional Eating

This is quite different from eating a piece of fruit, such as an apple. An apple contains fiber in the form of the apple flesh and skin. In result, the fiber slows down digestion. Slowing digestion helps the organs such as the liver, pancreas and kidneys to ease their work in breaking down the substance.

One thing to notice about sugar and the high it brings, is the crash that follows. This inevitably leads our bodies to once again crave that sugar rush. Without it, we are likely to experience not just a dip in energy levels, but also accompanying mood swings. When you feel unexplained irritability and foul temper, you may blame the lack of sugar.

Unless you are already a serial label reader, you probably are only now just becoming aware that sugar and refined flour are in most prepared foods. Technically, you don’t have to be a sweet eater or “junk food junkie.” If you eat boxed and prepared foods, then you are likely ingesting a ton of sugar.

Undo Sugar Addiction to Break The Cycle of Emotional Eating

The first step, therefore, in undoing your sugar addiction so that you can break the cycle of emotional eating, is to do a thorough assessment of the potential sugar and high carb counts of any foods that you enjoy on a routine basis. Sugar typically hides in so-called health foods, such as granola bars, whole grain cereals, muffins, breakfast bars, and the like. High amounts of sugar are also contained in favorite condiments such as ketchup and salad dressing. Powdered soups and gravies, and pre-made boxed foods such as seasoned rice and pasta, or dips and spreads, also are high in carbs and sugar.

Your best strategy for breaking yourself of the sugar habit is to quit pre-made foods. Start eating the whole foods.

Don’t pour a bottled salad dressing on your salad. Instead, mix up your own using ingredients like oil, vinegar, plain yogurt and natural spices.

In place of packaged soups, try to simmer up healthy broths made from chicken and beef bones. Not only are these sugar free, but bone broth provides exceptional nutrition for optimal health.

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