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The Ketogenic Switch -TKS

How can you achieve weight loss and sustain it in the long term? Many of us have tried low fat diets, become religious calorie counters and stuck to high intensity exercise routines; but failed to keep the weight off consistently.

If this sounds like you, it can be frustrating. Many diets and exercise plans can essentially be ‘quick fixes’ which are just not sustainable in the long term.

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The Ketogenic Switch Deborah Murtagh

The TKS Foundation – Deborah Murtagh

You can achieve weight loss while safeguarding your long-term health. The answer is the Ketogenic Switch diet which has been pioneered by Deborah Murtagh, the inspirational Weight Loss Coach and writer from New Zealand. 

Deborah hit upon this effective weight loss formula when trying to lose pounds herself.

She explains: “When I was going through it, I tried all kinds of diet and exercise plans. I even tried magic “fat burning” pills that caused terrible headaches, made me dizzy, and gave me the shakes… I discovered the secret to everlasting weight loss through my PERSONAL transformation losing 130+ pounds… to keeping it off for YEARS… and helping 5,642+ other women achieve their weight loss goals…”

What Is The Ketogenic Switch Program?

The Ketogenic Switch is an exclusive online program for rapid weight loss in a safe and healthy manner.

Step by step, phase by phase, TKS can help to reach your ideal body weight and maintain it. Using a unique combination of positive psychology and nutritional ketosis, the diet can give you the physical transformation you desire.

TKS Benefits

  • More than 80 high quality video and audio lessons.
  • A detailed diet and eating guide to download.
  • Guidance on how to maintain your ideal weight, once you reach it.
  • Log-in access to your content from any device, including mobile, tablet and desktop.

TKS Secret

The difference with the Ketogenic Switch is that it has been designed by Deborah, who has herself undergone a physical transformation.

The Ketogenic Switch diet differs from a standard keto or low carb diet because of the nature of the ‘switch’ itself. It isn’t just physical, it is a mental change which can really make the difference; both when you start the diet, and months or years down the line.


The Ketogenic Switch diet is entirely geared to help menopausal women. It combines a fat cycling program with intermittent fasting to enable a physical switch; one between stored fats and dietary fats. This is able to optimise weight loss specifically for the female body.

Don’t Deprive Yourself – Restore Yourself

The Ketogenic Switch program does not work via hunger. Aside from weight loss, it also has the ability to: 


Nourish and heal your body


Cleanse and detoxify your body


Restore your energy and vitality

The Importance Of Self-Belief

The conversations you have with yourself can be the most important when it comes to following a diet. We have both an inner coach and an inner critic, and the Ketogenic Switch diet works on building your self belief while mastering your internal dialogue.

Techniques such as neuroplasticity can condition your mind to have the thoughts of a slim person. TKS utilizes these processes and embraces your inner coach – this is the part of your brain that wants the best for your body. But the inner coach must be fed; with the right practices on a daily basis. The Ketogenic Switch diet is based on the belief that this is the true path to weight loss.

Be one of thousands to become TKS success stories.

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